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Arthrotec is tablet made up of Diclofenac and Misoprostol delivered in 50 mg or 75 mg doses. Diclofenac is apart of the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) family along ibeoprofin and naproxen. NSAID's are meant to reduce inflammation, reduce pain and fever. Misoprostol also know as Cytotec is useful in the treatment and prevention of stomach ulcers, it can help induce labor, or be used to cause an abortion.

When combined into a tablet and delivered as Arthrotec, the Diclofenac helps treat symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis while the Misoprostol protects the stomach lining against potential irritability caused by the NSAID Diclofenac. The combination of the two medicines can be ideal for treating patients who have rheumatoid arthritis and have a possibility of developing stomach ulcers from long term use of NSAID's.


Arthrotec is taken orally with a full glass of water. It is recommended that this medication be taken with food to avoid an upset stomach or diarrhea. Make sure to swallow the tablets whole without breaking apart the tablet or letting it dissolve. The dosage and schedule is based on your doctors diagnosis. In some cases patients will take the 50 mg tablet of Arthrotec three times a day, while some patients will take the 75 mg tablet twice a day. Because the dose schedule and size is dependant on the patients diagnosed condition, explicitly follow the dose instructions for this medication, or speak with your doctor/pharmasist for clarification.

Advise you doctor of any known allergies before taking Arthrotec as diclofenac and misoprostol could cause allergic reactions, especially if the patient has allergies to aspirin or any other form of NSAID's. Kidney problems could be exasperated or develop with use of Arthrotec, and it is advised to work with your doctor to uncover previous medical conditions and current medications to ensure no complications arise when taking Arthrotec. 

Smoking and drinking alcohol could lead to stomach bleeding, and it is advised to limit the intake of alcohol and stop smoking while taking Arthrotec. Additional you may speak with your doctor or pharmacist to clarify an acceptable limit of alcohol during your treatment with Arthrotec. 

Common side effects for Arthrotec are:

stomach pain





More serious side effects include:

liver dysfunction

severe skin reactions

allergic reactions

kidney failure

gastrointestinal ulcers and bleeding


Arthrotec like any NSAID may cause heart attacks and strokes in severe cases. If a patient experience any serious side effects they should speak with their doctor right away for closer medical support. If common side effects become sever, speaking with your doctor will help you clarify how to manage the side effects.


Q: Can this medication be used for woman who are pregnant and breast feeding?

A: No, this medication is not recommended for either cases as the medication can transfer into the breast milk and induce abortions during pregnancy. 


Q: How should this medication be stored?

A: This medication should be stored at room temperature, and kept away from children and pets. If the medication requires disposal, contact your pharmacist for instruction on the proper disposal procedure. Check with your local pharmacy as there could be a possibility of a take back program for the unused medicaiton.


Q: Arthrotec comes in 50 or 75 mg tablets is there a difference between the two?

A:  Yes, the 50mg contains both 50 mg Diclofenac and 200 µg Misoprostol, and the 75 mg tablet contains 75 mg Diclofenac and 200 µg Misoprostol. The only difference is the amount of Diclofenac in each tablet, and the Misoprostol is consistent in both tablet doses.


Q: I missed my dose of Arthrotec, what should I do?

A: For missed doses take your Arthrotec as soon as you remember. If the missed dose is closer to your next scheduled dose, skip it to avoid double dosing and continue your regular schedule. Because the dose schedule is based on your diagnosis, speak with your doctor or pharmacist for further clarification if needed.

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