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The Breo Ellipta Inhaler is an add on treatment for asthma when the current control medication is not effective.  Breo Ellipta is meant to decrease wheezing and troubles breathing with dual medications taken as a inhalant. Your Breo Ellipta inhaler contains Flucticasone to reduce swelling in your lungs and air ways, and Vilanterol, a long-acting bet agonist to help open the airways in your lungs so you can breathe easy. 

This is an inhaler taken one a day, and is meant to replace your current inhaler medication. Breo Ellipta is not meant for quick asthma relief and can take time reach maximum effect. Therefore, you will be able to still use your current inhaler medication for quick relief only when needed. 

Because Breo Ellipta is meant to be your once a day inhaler, you are still able to use your current inhaler as quick relief in case of sudden asthma attacks. However, this doesn't mean you can take other long-acting beta agonists along side Breo Ellipta. You should only use one long-acting beta agonist at any given time and use your albuterol or albutamol inhalers for quick relief.

Some side effects can occur when using Breo Ellipta, take note if you experience the following:

white patches in your mouth or on your tongue, weakness, puffy face, unusual weight gain, slow wound healing, thinning skin, bone pain, menstrual period changes, mental/mood changes (such as depression, nervousness, mood swings, agitation), easy bruising/bleeding, increased thirst/urination, vision problems, muscle cramps, shaking (tremor), signs of infection (such as sore throat that doesn't go away, fever, chills, cough

If any of these side become severe, contact your doctor to seek additional treatment. If you experience dizziness, fainting or chest pain you may require immediate medical help. There can be cases where patients have an allergic reaction to Breo Ellipta, so make sure you speak with your doctor about any known allergies, current medication, and prior medical history to ensure a safe and effective treatment with Breo Ellipta.

Q: What do the numbers 100/25 on my Breo Ellipta Inhaler?

A:  Breo Ellipta contains 100 mcg of Flucticason Furate and 25 mcg of Vilanterol as inhalant.                                                                               


Q: I am already using an inhaler, am I supposed to stop using my current inhaler and just use the Breo Ellipta?

A: Breo Ellipta is meant to provide long lasting relief of your asthma symptoms, however, it won't be effective in providing immediate relief from sudden asthma attacks. You will be able to still use your current inhaler, but only as back and for immediate relief of asthma attacks. Keep track of the times you require immediate relief to help determine if additional treatment options are required. Contact your doctor if you are finding that you require additional support. 

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