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Caverject is an injectable medication used to help erectile dysfunction in older men. Caverject improves blood flow directly to the penis to help achieve and maintain an erection.

It is important that you read all the paper work and instructions given to you by your pharmacist and follow the doctors instructions on how to inject Caverject. Make sure to sterilize the injection side with rubbing alcohol and apply pressure to avoid bruising after you inject your dose of Caverject. Make sure to change injection areas for each dose to avoid skin problems on the penis. 

Dosage will be decided by your doctor while also considering your response to the treatment. Follow the dosing instructions explicitly when injecting Caverject. Once injected you should feel the effects within five to twenty minutes and be able to maintain an erection for about an hour.

You will need to learn how to store and dispose of needles while taking Caverject. Speak with your pharmacist on ways to use Caverject safely. 

Inspect Caverject for any discoloration or floating particles before injecting, and avoid use if there is discoloration in the liquid. 

Alprostadil is the generic name for Caverject and is able to induce an allergic reaction. Check with your doctor for any known allergies, medication or supplementation you are taking before knowing if Caverject is right for you.  

Caverject does not prevent transmission of any sexually transmitted diseases.  Therefore, it is important to protect yourself from STD's during intercourse. Speak with your doctor or pharmacist for sexual health options. 

Some common side effects can include:

blood blisters at the injection site

bruising or clotted blood in penis at site of injection (if injected incorrectly)

burning sensation or tension in the penis

discomfort or irritation


feeling faint


pain and/or swelling at site of injection

painful erection (usually mild-to-moderate intensity)

prolonged erection

short-term bleeding at site of injection

skin rash or redness


More serious side can also include:

abnormal ejaculation

curving of penis with pain during erection

nodules or hard tissue appearing in the penis

inflammation of the tip of the penis

pain in the testicles or at the base of the penis


You should stop taking Caverject and speak with your doctor if any of the following occur:

broken needle that cannot be removed

prolonged erection (erections that last for 3 hours or more)

changes in blood pressure

fast or irregular heart beat


If any side effects become too severe during your treatment with Caverject speak with your doctor or pharmacist for help managing these side effects. If you experience serious side effects you should speak with your doctor for extra medical treatment.

Q: Would this ever be used by woman who are pregnant or breast feeding?

A: This medication should not be used by woman, so it is unlikely that these cases will occur. This medication should be given only to adult males with erectile dysfunction.


Q: How should I store Caverject?

A: Store Caverject vials at 2°C to 8°C (36° to 46°F) before use. The solution needs to be injected within 24 hours when stored at temperatures at or below 25°C (77°F). Speak with your pharmacist or doctor on safe ways to store and dispose of the required medical supplies safely. Be sure to keep away from children and pets, and never dispose the medication in wastewater. 


Q: I have a penis implant, is this medication still safe to use?

A: It would be recommend to avoid using Caverject if you have any kind of penile implant. Speak with your doctor regarding the risk of Caverject in these cases.

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