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Lumigan eye drops can treat open-angle glaucoma where there is high pressure in the eye from excess fluid. When used as eye drops, Lumigan helps improve the out flow of aqueous fluid (eye fluid) to stabilize pressure in the eye and relieve symptoms of glaucoma.

Apply Lumiga eye drops once a day in the evening, or as directed by your pharmacist and doctor. If in doubt read the paper work and follow the application directions given to you by doctor and pharmacist. 

Take care to be avoid contamination by washing your hands before applying the eye drops. Take extra care to not let the tip come into contact with the eye or any surface.

Lumigan, also known by it's generic name Bimatoprost contains preservatives that could effect your contacts. If you wear contact lenses remove them before administering the eye drops and wait 15 minutes before putting the lenses back in. 

Some patients suffering from glaucoma have multiple eye drop medications. You can use Lumigan with other medications if you wait at least 5 minutes between applications.

Speak with your doctor about any prior medical problems, known allergies, and any current medication you are taking to avoid complications.

Using Lumigan eye drops may upset your vision initially. Take care to understand the effect of the eye drops before operating heavy machinery or driving a vehicle. 

Some side effects include:

a feeling of something in the eye, burning eyes, dry eyes, excessive hair growth, eye irritation such as itching, redness, or stinging, increased tear production, longer eyelashes, red, itchy eyelids

More serious side effects can include:

change of eyelash colour, darkening of eyelid skin colour, discharge from the eye, eye pain, feeling tired, increase in brown colour in coloured part of eye (the iris), inflammation of the eyelid, sensitivity of eye to light, vision problems (e.g., decrease acuity, blurred vision)

If any side effects become too severe, contact your doctor or pharmacist for help managing the side effects. If you experience any serious side effects contact your doctor for immediate medical assistance.

Q: How should Lumigan eye drops be stored?

A: Lumigan can be stored in room temperature. Take precautions to avoid contact with children and pets. Dispose of the eye drops 30 days after the first use. Do not dispose the eye drops in wastewater. Instead, ask your pharmacist on the disposal of left over eye drops.


Q: Can I use these drops while pregnant or breastfeeding?

A: Lumigan should not be used during pregnancy because it can effect the unborn child. There is not enough medical data to know if Lumigan is transmittable into the breast milk of nursing mothers. It is recommended to avoid taking Lumigan while breast feeding, and speak with your doctor to understand the risks involved.


Q: What happens if I forget to apply the eye drops?

A: Take your Lumigan eye drops as soon as you remember, and avoid taking a double dose to make up for the missed one. If it is closer to your next scheduled dose, take the regularly scheduled dose to avoid double dosing.

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