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Myrbetriq (Mirabegron) is used to treat overactive bladders where there may be challenges in how your body stores urine. Overactive bladder's can give you a sudden urge to urinate, cause frequent urination, or even create an involuntary lose of urine. Myrbetriq helps relax the muscles associated with the bladder and allows your body to properly hold urine relieving the symptoms of an overactive bladder.

This medication is taken orally once a day with or without food along with water. Dosage sizes vary based on your initial diagnosis and can be changed with your response to the treatment. Follow the doctors instructions explicitly and do not take more then the recommended dose. 

Make sure to take Myrbetriq at the same time everyday to ensure you receive the maximum effect from the medication.

Avoid crushing or breaking apart the tablet, and make sure it is taken whole to ensure maximum effect and to avoid side effects.

Speak with your doctor about any know allergies, prior medical conditions, or any medication you are currently taking to avoid complications while being treated with Myrbetriq. Make sure you disclose any problems related to the bladder, high blood pressure, kidney or liver problems to ensure a safe treatment with Myrbetriq (Mirabegron). 

Myrbetriq (Mirabegron) can induce dizziness, and substances like alcohol and cannabis can exasperate this effect. Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery until you know how this medication effects you. Avoid the above mentioned substances and talk with your doctor regarding their acceptable limits while taking Myrbetriq.

Some common side can include:

nausea, headache, hypertension, dry mouth, nasopharyngitis, urinary tract infection (UTI), headache, influenza, constipation, dizziness, joint pain, cystitis, back pain, upper respiratory tract infection (URTI), sinusitis, diarrhea, high heart ratem, fatigue, abdominal pain, neoplasms (cancers)

If any side effects become too severe contact your doctor or pharmacist to find ways to manage the side effects.

Q: What if I miss a dose of Myrbetriq (Mirabegron)?

A: If you miss the dose for the day, do not take the dose as soon as you remember. Instead, skip the dose and take it the next day to avoid overdosing.


Q: How do I store Myrbetriq (Mirabegron)?

A:  Myrbetriq is stored at room temperature. Take care to avoid contact with children or pets, and safely dispose of medication that has expired or is no longer required. Avoid disposing this medication in wastewater. If in doubt contact a local pharmacist for the best way to dispose of unwanted medication.


Q: Can I take this if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

A: There is not enough medical data to fully understand the effect of Myrbetriq on unborn children or if the medication can pass into the breast milk of nursing mothers. It is best to speak with your doctor to understand the risk involved with taking Myrbetriq during a pregnancy or while breast feeding.

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