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The Spiriva inhaler contains Tiotropium Bromide, an anticholinergic long acting bronchodilator. This medication is used to treat wheezing and shortness of breath caused by chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) including bronchitis and emphysema.  Tiotropium Bromide helps relax the muscles associated with the body's airways to help you breath easy.

In order to use Spiriva's inhalation device and capsules, read all the paper work and instructions given to you by your pharmacist. A typical dose is inhaled twice a day. This medication requires regular use to be effective.

Spiriva does not work right away and should not be used for quick relief if you experience a sudden attack. If you require the use of a back up inhaler for quick relief, take note of the frequency of attacks to help document your treatment. 

Make sure the inhaler is kept clean by using a damp cloth to wipe down mouth piece to avoid residue build up. Avoid getting the inhaler wet.

If you are using multiple inhalers, give yourself at least one minute between medications. Rinse your mouth out with water after finishing your doses to prevent mouth infection. Do not swallow the rinse water.

Speak with your doctor about prior medical conditions, any known allergies, and current medications to know if treatment with Spiriva is right for you. Before using Spiriva make sure you have no serious allergies associated with milk proteins.

This medication can make you feel dizzy and blur your vision. Avoid alcohol and cannabis while taking Spiriva as it can exasperate the dizzying effects. Consult your doctor for acceptable limits of these substances.

Some side effects can include:

immediate hypersensitivity reactions, paradoxical bronchospasm, worsening of narrow-angle glaucoma, worsening of unrinary retention

If any of these side effects severe during treatment, speak with your doctor or pharmacist for help with managing these side effects.

Q: My Spiriva inhaler has capsules that came with it, do I ingest these capsule?

A: Do not ingest the capsule, instead, use the capsule with inhaler as an inhalant to ensure the correct does of the medication. Make sure to read all the associated paper work for proper instruction on how to administer the medication. Speak with your doctor or pharmacist if the directions are unclear.


Q: How do I store this medication?

A: This is stored at room temperature and should be kept away from children and pets. Take care to dispose of this medication and never dispose any of the contents in wastewater. Speak with a local pharmacist for disposal instructions.


Q: Can I take this if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

A: There is not enough medical data to know if Spiriva can pass into the breast milk of nursing mothers. You should speak with your doctor before knowing if Spiriva can be used during pregnancy or breast feeding.

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