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Timoptic XE is an ophthalmic gel forming solution used to reduce pressure inside the eye in cases of glaucoma or other eye diseases. Timolol can decreases the pressure in the eye by reducing the amount of eye fluid. 

Before administering eye drops take care to wash your hands to avoid contamination. Never let the dropper touch your eye or any surface. Read all the directions and paper work that come with the medication given to you by your pharmacist to ensure you are applying the eye drops correctly.

If there are other eye medications being used, allow at least 10 minutes between medications to avoid complications. Regular use of this eye medication ensures the best results. Tomoptic XE does not take effect right away and can take upwards to four weeks to reach the desired symptom relief.

Before taking Timpotic XE consult with your doctor about known allergies, current medications, supplemental herbs and vitamins, and any prior medical conditions to ensure a safe and effective treatment.

Timoptic XE can blur your vision initially. Make sure you understand these effects before you operate heavy machinery or drive.

There can be an interaction with how you manage diabetes while taking Timoptic XE. Timolol can change how you feel you when your blood sugar gets too low. If you are struggling with diabetes make sure your doctor is aware of this condition before using Timoptic XE.

Some side effects can include: abdominal pain, blurred vision (temporary) after putting in the eye drop, double vision, nausea, sensation of something in your eyes, stinging of eye or other eye irritation (when medication is applied), vomiting.

More serious side effects can include: low blood pressure, muscle pain, shortness of breath, slow or irregular heartbeat.

If you experience any severity with any common side effects contact your doctor or pharmacist for help in managing these side effects. If you experience any serious side effects you should contact your doctor to receive medical attention.

Q: How should I store the Timopic XE?

A: They should be stored at room temperature keeping away from children and pets. Make sure to not dispose this medication in wastewater. Contact a local pharmacist if you require additional help in disposing of unwanted or expired medication.


Q: Can I use Timpotic XE while pregnant or breast feeding?

A: There is a risk in both cases. You should consult with your doctor to know the risk involved before taking Timoptic  XE while pregnant or breast feeding.


Q: I have more than one eye drop solution, can I still use Timpotic XE?

A: Yes, in some cases people have multiple eye drop solutions for treating various eye conditions. Allow a few minutes in between medications so that they adsorb into the body. Speak with your doctor regarding multiple eye drop solutions while taking Timoptic XE.


Q: I noticed there is Timoptic and and Timpotic XE, what is the difference?

A: Timpotic is a gel forming solution while regular Timoptic is just a ophthalmic solution. Both will resolve the same symptoms of glaucoma, however, Timoptic XE becomes a gel when it comes in contact with the eyes and can be removed by tears. This may allow for alternate treatments in complicated cases of Glaucoma or other eye diseases.

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